Thursday, 19 November 2015


Welcome to Nature Cure Hospital - Visakhapatnam
The Nature Cure Hospital, Visakhapatnam focuses on Yoga and detoxification by Naturopathy to move towards higher abilities at Physical (beauty, Fitness, immune stamina, eye sight), mental (better concentration, IQ, Memory, emotional stability), social (healthy interpersonal relationship), emotional (mastery over anger, fear, anxiety and depression) and spiritual levels (innerjoy with right knowledge and confidence). The founder trustee Late Dr.Sistla Dakshina Murthy started his career in 1916. He had written a series of articles on " Naturopathy" which were published in a monthly journal "Prakriti". The main purpose of starting this hospital was to give patients a holistic treatment through non-toxic herbs, therapeutic diet and usage of necessary pharmaceutics.

The "Nature Cure Trust" is registered with document No.157, on 27th October, 1965 under trust Act 1862. The hospital on the other hand is recognized by the government of Andhra Pradesh vide their G.o.Ms.No 535 Health dated 10th August, 1975 and Gort No.374 HM & FW 8th August, 1990.

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